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Homo sapiens let-7d stem-loop (hsa-let-7d) URS000075B243_9606

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MIRLET7D: MIRLET7D is a multicomponent RNA-protein complex that plays a crucial role in nucleolar organization [PMC9455804]. It specifically interacts with non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) and not messenger RNAs (mRNAs) [PMC6527704]. In human primary lung fibroblasts, the loss of MIRLET7D, as well as the downregulation of EXOSC10 and EZH2, leads to increased cell migration [PMC6527704]. This decrease in MIRLET7D levels is associated with elevated expression of MIRLET7D targets and fibrosis markers [PMC6527704]. Biotinylated MIRCTRL and MIRLET7D were transfected to study their effects at a concentration of 20 nM [PMC6527704]. Mutations in MIRLET7D have been observed, including hotspot indels mutations in the upstream flanking sequence [PMC9708458]. In an experimental system, alterations in MIRLET7D and Cited2 were found to be involved in chromatin remodeling [PMC9059753]. The promoters of MIRLET7D targets were analyzed using chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with antibodies specific for acetylated H3K27 or trimethylated H3K27, revealing the sequential order of events after transfection with MIRCTRL or MIRLET7D alone or in combination with shRNAs specific for HDAC1 [PMC6527704]. References: - PMC9455804 - PMC6527704 - PMC9708458 - PMC9059753

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