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Homo sapiens (human) microRNA hsa-mir-181a precursor (hsa-mir-181a-2) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) microRNA hsa-mir-181a precursor (hsa-mir-181a-2) URS00000DD591_9606

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MIR181A2: MIR181A2 is a microRNA that can be transcribed from two different genes, MIR181A1 and MIR181A2, and is regulated by multiple transcription factors and enhancer/promoter regions [PMC8979821]. Overexpression of MIR181A2 has been associated with various types of cancer [PMC6781644]. In a hyperglycemic state, the lncRNA MIR181A2 is downregulated, leading to an increase in the concentration of certain microRNAs [PMC9430013]. Overexpression of MIR181A2 has been shown to downregulate PCAF mRNA and protein levels [PMC5573355]. The downregulation of MIR181A2 by HIV vEnv glycoprotein is associated with enhanced viral transcription and infectivity [PMC5573355]. Lentiviral particles expressing MIR181A2 have been used to transduce T cells, resulting in reduced HIV transcription [PMC5573355]. The downregulation of MIR181A2 may be a natural host mechanism targeted by HIV to activate viral transcription [PMC5573355]. The host gene for MIR181A2, known as MIR181A2HG, has been found to be overexpressed in the thyroid but its function remains unknown [PMC6380385]. The expression levels of AKT2 have been investigated as potential targets for miR-181-3p and miR-181-5p derived from the host gene MIR18IAHG [PMC7891834]. In various tissues, including the human body's nucleus, the host gene for MIRA18IAHG is expressed [PMC10111190]. In different studies, miR-18IAHG has shown potential as a biomarker for certain diseases such as diabetes and cancer but its function remains unclear in these contexts.

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