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Aotus nancymaae (Ma's night monkey) miRNA (ENSANAG00000004660.1) secondary structure diagram

Aotus nancymaae (Ma's night monkey) miRNA (ENSANAG00000004660.1) URS000075E904_37293

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This sequence is found in 38 other species

  1. Bos taurus microRNA bta-mir-99b precursor
  2. Capra hircus microRNA chi-mir-99b precursor
  3. Carlito syrichta (Philippine tarsier) miRNA (ENSTSYG00000031395.1)
  4. Cebus imitator microRNA 99b (ENSCCAG00000016484.1)
  5. Cercocebus atys (Sooty mangabey) miRNA (ENSCATG00000010657.1)
  6. Chlorocebus sabaeus (African green monkey) microRNA 99b (ENSCSAG00000026382.1)
  7. Colobus angolensis palliatus miRNA (ENSCANG00000009063.1)
  8. Cricetulus griseus (Chinese hamster) microRNA cgr-mir-99b precursor
  9. Dipodomys ordii miRNA (ENSDORG00000022048.2)
  10. Equus caballus microRNA eca-mir-99b precursor
  11. Gorilla gorilla gorilla microRNA 99b (ENSGGOG00000029280.2)
  12. Homo sapiens (human) microRNA hsa-mir-99b precursor
  13. Loxodonta africana microRNA 99b (ENSLAFG00000028953.1)
  14. Macaca mulatta microRNA mml-mir-99b precursor
  15. Macaca nemestrina miRNA (ENSMNEG00000012620.1)
  16. Mandrillus leucophaeus miRNA (ENSMLEG00000001809.1)
  17. Mesocricetus auratus (Golden Hamster) miRNA (ENSMAUG00000003642.1)
  18. Microcebus murinus microRNA 99b (ENSMICG00000032686.2)
  19. Microtus ochrogaster microRNA 99b (ENSMOCG00000009873.1)
  20. Mus caroli microRNA 99b (MGP_CAROLIEiJ_G0007529.1)
  21. Mus musculus microRNA mmu-mir-99b precursor
  22. Mus pahari microRNA 99b (MGP_PahariEiJ_G0007220.1)
  23. Mus spretus microRNA 99b (MGP_SPRETEiJ_G0007896.1)
  24. Nannospalax galili miRNA (ENSNGAG00000006296.1)
  25. Nomascus leucogenys microRNA 99b (ENSNLEG00000026046.2)
  26. Otolemur garnettii miRNA (ENSOGAG00000025334.1)
  27. Pan paniscus microRNA 99b (ENSPPAG00000017218.1)
  28. Pan troglodytes ptr-mir-99b (ENSPTRG00000027768.2)
  29. Pongo abelii miRNA
  30. Procavia capensis (cape rock hyrax) miRNA (ENSPCAG00000019155.1)
  31. Propithecus coquereli miRNA (ENSPCOG00000008490.1)
  32. Pteropus vampyrus (large flying fox) miRNA (ENSPVAG00000026914.1)
  33. Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat) microRNA rno-mir-99b precursor
  34. Rhinopithecus bieti miRNA (ENSRBIG00000008974.1)
  35. Rhinopithecus roxellana (Golden snub-nosed monkey) miRNA (ENSRROG00000011788.1)
  36. Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis (Bolivian squirrel monkey) miRNA (ENSSBOG00000016203.1)
  37. Sus scrofa microRNA ssc-mir-99b precursor
  38. Tursiops truncatus miRNA (ENSTTRG00000023194.1)
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