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Homo sapiens (human) microRNA hsa-mir-133a precursor (hsa-mir-133a-2) URS000075E14C_9606

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MIR133A2: The MIR133A2 gene is one of the top two mutated miRNAs, with a copy number gain in approximately 7% of patients [PMC4967895]. MIR133A2 encodes miR-133a2, which is located on chromosome 20 [PMC3599331]. A variant in MIR133A2, specifically a 79T > C substitution, alters the processing of the miR-133a duplex and increases the relative abundance of miR-133a-5p [PMC3599331]. This variant is located adjacent to the Drosha cleavage site in the stem-loop structure of miR-133a-3p [PMC3599331]. The presence of this variant may modify gene expression profiles in the atrium [PMC3599331]. A haplotype including several variants in MIR133A2 was found in a cohort with atrial fibrillation (AF) probands and controls [PMC3599331]. Additionally, a missense variant in MIR133A2 alters miR-133a duplex processing and strand abundance, resulting in accumulation of miR-133a-5p [PMC3599331]. This variant was found in a patient with AF and other cardiovascular conditions [PMC3599331]. Variations in MIR133A2 have also been associated with stable warfarin dose and insulin resistance [PMC6635724] [PMC7913585]. The relationship between the 79T > C MIR133A2 variant and AF is still uncertain [PMC3599331] .

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