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Pongo abelii (Sumatran orangutan) miRNA secondary structure diagram

Pongo abelii (Sumatran orangutan) miRNA URS000075A1A8_9601

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This sequence is found in 24 other species

  1. Aotus nancymaae (Ma's night monkey) miRNA (ENSANAG00000002641.1)
  2. Carlito syrichta (Philippine tarsier) miRNA (ENSTSYG00000021939.2)
  3. Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin) microRNA 381 (ENSCCAG00000004330.1)
  4. Cercocebus atys miRNA (ENSCATG00000009966.1)
  5. Colobus angolensis palliatus miRNA (ENSCANG00000007782.1)
  6. Cricetulus griseus (Chinese hamster) microRNA mir-381 (ENSCGRG00000021243.1, ENSCGRG00001005654.1)
  7. Gorilla gorilla gorilla microRNA 381 (ENSGGOG00000031599.2)
  8. Homo sapiens microRNA hsa-mir-381 precursor
  9. Macaca mulatta microRNA mml-mir-381 precursor
  10. Macaca nemestrina (Pig-tailed macaque) miRNA (ENSMNEG00000010576.1)
  11. Mandrillus leucophaeus (Drill) miRNA (ENSMLEG00000004521.1)
  12. Mesocricetus auratus (Golden Hamster) microRNA 381 (ENSMAUG00000006197.1)
  13. Microtus ochrogaster (vole) microRNA 381 (ENSMOCG00000004029.1)
  14. Mus caroli microRNA 381 (MGP_CAROLIEiJ_G0007283.1)
  15. Mus musculus microRNA mmu-mir-381 precursor
  16. Mus pahari microRNA 381 (MGP_PahariEiJ_G0007674.1)
  17. Mus spretus (algerian mouse) microRNA 381 (MGP_SPRETEiJ_G0007628.1)
  18. Nomascus leucogenys (Northern white-cheeked gibbon) microRNA 381 (ENSNLEG00000019512.2)
  19. Pan paniscus (bonobo) microRNA 381 (ENSPPAG00000007079.1)
  20. Pan troglodytes ptr-mir-381 (ENSPTRG00000027755.2)
  21. Pongo pygmaeus (Bornean orangutan) microRNA ppy-mir-381 precursor
  22. Rhinopithecus bieti miRNA (ENSRBIG00000007611.1)
  23. Rhinopithecus roxellana miRNA (ENSRROG00000028449.1)
  24. Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis (Bolivian squirrel monkey) miRNA (ENSSBOG00000016071.1)
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